How Confident is AI?

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Research suggests that by the turn of the century Artificial Intelligence [AI] could be at least as smart as a human being. Nick Bostrom ominously forecasted that “machine intelligence is the last invention that humanity will ever need to make.”

Well, Google did invent a computer that taught itself how to walk. And Facebook did apparently ‘shut down’ two chat-bots because they started communicating with each other in a new language that no one could understand. In addition, technology is constantly being applied in new and colourful ways. Sex-robots are being integrated into mainstream culture and virtual marriages are becoming more and more normalised in Japan.

The-times-they-are-a-changing indeed! When you look at it closely, it’s pretty hard to deny that AI technologies are getting exponentially more confident. But the question is how confident.

At Chatamo, we like to let our users decide the confidence of their AI.


The Confidence Setting

The Confidence setting allows Chatamo’s customers to define how often their bots will make deductive leaps whilst making conversational choices. You are deciding the sensitivity of the AI’s natural language processing.

This is extremely useful tool as for different industries and different use cases, a varying bot-confidence setting is necessary.

And here’s how you do it:


The settings you choose will change the bots behaviour:

  • If the red ‘Can’t answer’ area on the confidence bar is big the bot will find a suitable answer less frequently and you users will see the ‘Can’t answer’ response more often.
  • If the blue ‘Did you mean’ area is big the bot will provide a selection of answer for the user to choose from more frequently.
  • If the green ‘Got it’ area on the confidence bar is big then the bot may provide an answer that’s not relevant more frequently.

Our default settings are 25% for the lower setting and 50% for the upper. We’ve chosen these after a lot of testing and thought. You should consider the purpose of your bot before changing these, e.g. if the bot is giving legal advice you want it to be very accurate so the upper limit would be set quite high.

The confidence settings affect the test bot too so you can play around with them and see what results you get with different settings.

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