5 Steps to Build Your Bot

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Henry Charatan

Step 1: Complete Bot Profile

The first step to configuring your bot is filling in your bot profile. This begins by choosing your bot’s names: firstly its display name (as appears on Facebook messenger or slack, etc.) and then its invocation name (that is used to interact with your bot verbally via Amazon’s Alexa, or Google Home, etc.). You then choose your bot’s sector and website details, this information is used for tagging and searchability across the bot channels and will also benchmark your bot against the market for improved analytics and insights. Finally, you give a short description of what your bot does which users will see when they view your bot via the many channels we offer.


Step 2: Fill in Bot Basics

The Bot Basics section is where you fill in the simple stuff like your bot’s welcome message (which appears when a user first adds your bot), an optional quick start menu, and contact details (should the bot get a bit confused):


Step 3: Add Questions & Answers

This is where you configure questions and answers for your bot:


Step 4: Activate Bot Channels

Simply select what channels you’d like your bot to operate on. There are currently 8 channels to choose from (5 text and 3 voice).


Step 5: Approve and Publish content

Bot Publishers and Company Administrators can approve or reject changes to the Bot Basics, Questions & Answers and Broadcasts. Depending on what you’re approving, different information is shown on this page e.g. for Broadcast you’ll see the Broadcast dates and for Q&A you’ll see the question.

You can select single or multiple items and click the publish button to action your changes. Published items have their status changed and will be sent for publishing or broadcast. Rejected items are returned to the relevant list as a draft.

Note: if you are admin of the account, you can approve your own Q & As 🙂


Voila, your bot is ready for deployment!


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