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Ged Richardson
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We're delighted to announce that our bot building platform Chatamo is open for business. After weeks and months of toiling away, we think we've built something a bit special (well, we would, wouldn't we!). 

What makes Chatamo so epic?!

We work with some of the biggest public and private sector clients on AI projects. We’ve always felt that SMEs could benefit from this technology, but the price is cost prohibitive for most smallish sized businesses.

So we took what we've worked on for larger clients and rolled in into the product you see today.

Chatamo allows you to:

  • Build a chat or voice bot without needing to know any code. It's drag and drop interface makes building bots simple.
  • Once you build a bot, you can put it on a ton of different channels. From Facebook Messenger to Slack. Once bot to rule them all.
  • Deploy your bot to Alexa as well (yes, really).
  • Analyse in real time what your visitors are doing - even get sentiment analysis.
  • Multi-language - your bot can auto-translate on the fly.

And the best bit? It's free to get started.

So what are you waiting for?

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