Conversation: The Ultimate Business Tool

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Henry Charatan

Humans love conversation. It’s an undeniable fact… and if the latest statistics are anything to go by, it seems that we’re taking our love of conversation digital.

Backing me up is Facebook’s Anand Arivukkarasu, who recently went on record that 64% of people would prefer a message-based interaction with a business over a phone or email based one.

Furthermore, a recent study by Facebook discovered that:

  • 63% of user’s have messaged businesses more over the last two years.
  • 61% enjoy receiving personal messages from a business.
  • 67% this trend to grow in the next couple of year.

And it makes sense, doesn’t it? Why wouldn’t consumers enjoy a less formal and more immediate experience when interfacing with a business?

And this is why Chatamo, and platforms like it, are perfectly positioned to tap into the growing demand for consumer-to-business messaging. We give businesses the tools to build multi-channel voice and chat bots that can communicate to consumers in 114 different languages making businesses, products and services alike accessible to consumers in the same way as a friend or phone contact is.

Conversational interface can be utilised in a variety of nuanced ways that will help your business. We’re keen to show you how. Here are two strategies for how these technologies help you make the most out of your business.

1. Customize Your Forms.

Transforming your business’ impersonal forms into informative conversations (in the form of a chat bot) is a great way to streamline your customer experience.

Using Chatamo, this is an easily and quickly implementable strategy that allows you to learn key information about your prospective customers via automated messaging on social medias. A user messages the bot to get the conversation started and instead of filling in a tedious webform, simply answer the bots questions.

Check out our ‘Report a Crime’ bot for the Northamptonshire Police’s:

P.S If the user trails off halfway through the conversation, a bot has the functionality to send automated reminders to the user or alerts to a member of your staff. Making following up on leads easier than ever before.

2. Make your Ads Smarter.

Imagine the scene: a business trying to attract new customers releases a limited-time offer to its social media channels. Using social media advertising (like Facebook Ads), a business expects to generate new leads via broadcasting their offers to targeted users across many channels.

However, Facebook Ads (and other social media Ads alike) usually require a user to complete several steps, like when your redirected to a landing page, or asked to fill in forms, or prove that you’re not a robot. All of this faff has to take place before a business-user connection can really occur. These extra steps alone, can cost a business countless potential leads, such is the modern-day web-user’s attention span.

This is where using a conversational service can really work to a business’s advantage. Imagine the same scene as before except this time the business has integrated natural language chat bots across its social media platforms. This where a business can be smarter with its advertising, by tailoring their ads around the Messenger channels. This means including a catchy hook like “Message us on Facebook, Whats app, Skype, Slack (you name it) to find out more”. Now, instead of users clicking on Ads, being redirected, filling in details, etc…, they simply begin chatting directly to the business on the social media channel of their choice. Giving the user a much less convoluted experience, and giving your business all the more chance of keeping their attention.

And here’s the thing… this method doesn’t simply just prevent a user’s attention from wavering, nor does it simply just open up a dialogue with a potential customer where their questions can be answered automatically night and day; but it also generates invaluable usage data about the user, about the type of questions they ask and about what they want from your business.

What have we learnt?

On both occasions, we saw how integrating conversation into your business strategies leads to:

  • An overall sleeker, interactive and engaged User Experience.
  • A more fruitful conversion rate compared to their non-conversational alternatives.
  • More usage data about customers and leads for your business.

And there’s even more good news. Integrating conversation to your business doesn’t have to be a highly technical slog that only a programmer can muster. Using our non-technical software, it’s never been easier to upgrade your business.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.














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