How you can use Newsletters and Forms

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Henry Charatan
Chatbots enable a unique opportunity to establish seamless two way-connectivity between your business and your customers.

One way to take advantage of this awesome feature is to customise your businesses’ newsletters, offers and forms, by turning them into conversations with your customers.

Stuck on which one to choose? Well the difference is simple.

News broadcasts are for sending your bot users one off bits of information e.g. we now stock NorthFace clothing.

Offer broadcasts are, unsurprisingly, for sending your users offers for a set period with an expiry date e.g. 15% off NorthFace clothing until 1st April.

Forms are the conversion of your impersonal forms into a relaxed conversation with a customer. The user and the bot message each other like old friends, and all the while the bot asks the user questions that would normally constitute a tedious web form.

Two-way Connectivity

This is where a company can really start to enjoy the benefits that the communication that a chatbots bring to the table. Companies are now able to contact any previous user of your bot with a newsletter function.

Remember to look at your Usage Stats to see what’s resonating with your user base and what’s not.

Through Chatamo, you can set up a broadcast with a few simple steps.

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