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Chatamo Newsletter for Q1 2019

It is with great pleasure we send you our latest Chatamo user update. We are encouraged by the overall progress through the last quarter and enclose further details here.

Key highlights include:

  • Healthy commercial growth
  • Continued development drive
  • Additions to the development team 

What is Chatamo?

We are a business that uses machine learning and natural language processing to provide automated dialogue and artificially intelligent conversational software. The main offering of Chatamo is a software-as-a-service [SaaS] that enables a simple and scale-able way for businesses to launch voice and chatbots to automate commonplace customer interactions.

Chatamo operates across a wide range of emerging chat and voice channels (for example Facebook, Alexa and Snapchat) and functions in 104 languages – the only chat-bot provider that offers this range. Chatamo optimizes sales through it’s around the clock availability. Furthermore, it is able to constantly improves its performance metrics via its ability to learn from each conversation and about each individual customer. The barrier of navigating complex forms and menus to make a booking or find relevant. information on a website is completely removed. The customer instead, merely asks the questions the way they want to in natural language.

Achievements and Commercial Progress

Chatamo’s launch was a success and in the first three weeks following the launch we saw 92 signups, and by the two-month mark we had roughly 200 SMEs already registered as clients. Since then, we have continued to grow steadly both in terms of user signups and in user conversions of their accounts to the ‘Pro Tier’.

Development drive [V2]

We have recently added the dashing Jan Baykara to our Engineering team (previously Head of Product Design at Common Knowledge and Gyana).

With Jan on board we have already added some nice features to Chatamo V1. Most notably, we have added yet another channel to Chatamo, the embedded web chat pop-up:

  • Stick us on your website.
  • Style it to match your brand, aesthetic and tone.
  • White Label – so you can remove all mention of Chatamo if you wish!

We are also working hard building and prototyping V2 of Chatamo that is due to roll out live soon.

Two features you can come to expect include:

  • Building a bot with a bot.
  • Hooking up your products to allow your customers to shop through chat.

Next steps

We expect to see continued commercial growth and are particularly excited about our recent development drive and our plans to launch V2.

Keep an eye out for that and until then, we hope everybody has a great Spring.

The Chatamo Team



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