Meet Fred

Fred is bombarded with customer queries about his business. People question him via email, text, his Facebook page and on his website – in multiple languages and across different timezones.


Find out how Fred uses Chatamo’s voice and chat bots to automate his customer service on these channels and many others, giving him time back to focus on his business…and sleep a bit.

Take your business to the customer

Offer 24/7 availability through messaging apps and voice devices.


Automated multilingual dialogue

Connect with over 5 billion people using messaging apps per month in 100+ languages.


Distribute across multiple channels at once

Scale your market presence in all popular voice and chat channels with one consistent brand voice.


Monitor and track customer behaviour

Understand your customers better with real-time insights. Track usage, click-throughs, and even emotion.

Introducing Chatamo

Quickly and easily create an intelligent bot for your business.

Auto-generate dialogue

With your bots, you don't need to write extensive scripts. Start by uploading your most common customer questions and answers, and let Chatamo's natural language A.I. fill in the gaps for you.
Use a combination of text, images, videos, buttons and maps to answer queries.

Publish your bot in any language

Wherever your audience is, your bot is there to respond. Whether on messaging apps (like Facebook, Viber or Skype) or on voice devices (like Alexa or Google Home), web chat or email, your bot is working for you.
What happens if you get questions in other languages? No problem, Chatamo will auto-detect and respond in the same language.

Broadcast news and offers

Once a user engages with your bot, it doesn't stop there. Chatamo lets you design and schedule broadcasts of targeted messages to your users. The best bit is that open rates on messaging apps are through the roof.

Deploy once to all channels

Forget duplicating effort. Set up your bot once, and let Chatamo deploy it to all channels. If you need to make a change to your information, no problem, we’ll update it automatically.

Gain customer insights

Gather insights into how your audience is interacting with your business: what they're looking for, how frequently and on which channels. Not only that, with our artificial intelligence you can even understand how your customers are feeling.

Ready to try Chatamo?

Chatamo is free for up to 20 questions and answers. Check out our pricing plans for more features.

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£ 0 /mo
Questions & Answers
  • 20x Question & Answers pairs
  • Text answer template
  • Alexa skill
  • Facebook chat bot
Usage Insight
  • Real-time usage analytics
Direct Marketing
  • 1x Broadcast per week
Data Protection
  • GDPR compliant - full consent control


£ 29 /mo
Questions & Answers
  • 100x Question & Answers pairs
  • Text / Buttons / Image answer templates
  • 3x languages
  • Facebook + Skype chat bot
  • Alexa / Google / Cortana voice bot
Direct Marketing
  • 3x Broadcasts per week
Usage Insight
  • Real-time usage analytics
  • Customer emotion indicator
Data Protection
  • GDPR compliant - full consent control


£ 49 /mo
Questions & Answers
  • 250x Question & Answers pairs
  • Text / Buttons / Image / Video / Map / List answer
  • 5x languages
  • All major channels chat bots
  • Alexa + Google + Cortana voice bots
  • Embedded web chat
Direct Marketing
  • 5x Broadcasts per week
Usage Insight
  • Real-time usage analytics
  • Customer emotion indicator
Data Protection
  • GDPR compliant - full consent control
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